The Science of Influence By Prof. Andrew Ward

  • Narrated by: Prof. Andrew Ward
  • Length: 7 hrs and 24 mins
  • Release date: 02-21-19

The Science of Influence AudioBook Summary

Why do people do what they do? What governs our thoughts and actions? You might think that personality plays the biggest role in behavior, but the field of social psychology indicates otherwise.

A professor at Swarthmore College, Andrew Ward, PhD, is an expert on social perception, as well as conflict and negotiation. One of the enduring lessons he hopes to convey in The Science of Influence: An Introduction to Social Psychology is that more often than we might realize, people behave in accordance with their immediate interpersonal context. That is, to a surprising degree, the thoughts, feelings, and actions of individuals at any given moment reflect the influence of subtle features of their situation – especially their social situation.

In this 18-lecture course, you’ll discover how those situational factors can cause people to act in surprising ways – exhibiting dramatic levels of joy, aggression, creativity, prejudice, or compassion. As you explore the field of social psychology at large, you will examine both the fundamentals of human attraction and the dynamics of interpersonal conflict. You’ll also investigate how the theories and findings of social psychology have shaped and continue to impact approaches in a host of applied domains, including education, business, health, law, and environmental sustainability.

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