The Breakout Principle By Herbert Benson M.D., William Proctor

  • Narrated by: Jeffrey DeMunn
  • Length: 4 hrs and 1 min
  • Release date: 03-28-03

The Breakout Principle AudioBook Summary

Would it surprise you to learn that to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem, you need to get up and leave the room? A walk in the woods will help you finish your novel? Humming can make you a better tennis player? Or that completely giving up is the way to succeed?

In The Breakout Principle, Dr. Herbert Benson delivers the ultimate self-help principle – simple instructions to activate a powerful biological trigger that converts conflict and confusion into clarity and extraordinary performance, a state athletes refer to as “the zone.”

More than three decades ago, Benson began to research why some people are devastated by stress while others thrive, turning into a brilliant achievement. The Breakout Principle reports the discovery of an easy-to-access inner switch that increases mental function, enhances creativity and productivity, maximizes athletic performance, and enriches spiritual life. The same internal mechanism that improves a tennis serve or golf putt strengthens your speaking skills, makes you a better negotiator, and fosters inner peace and belief.

Dr. Benson and co-author William Proctor explain the cutting-edge science behind the phenomenon in accessible language, clearly describe the four distinct phases of the breakout, and provide simple, step-by-step instructions on how to activate the breakout trigger. The Breakout Principle reveals how to maximize your untapped abilities and powers.

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