The Book of Meme Law By Britt Minshall

  • Narrated by: Jim Seybert
  • Length: 6 hrs and 31 mins
  • Release date: 07-17-18

The Book of Meme Law AudioBook Summary

The greatest mystery about all human behavior has now been exposed.

Did you know there are two of you: one the individual (physical soulful self); the other, the social self (meme member). There is rarely a connection between the two.

Question: Ever wonder why:

• Holidays and family reunions turn to chaos?

• Countries war constantly?

• Wealthy powerful executives ruin businesses and never pay the price?

• Different races and cultures continually clash?

• The religious, who “believe” in love, kill so often?

• Cops murder citizens then go free?

• Humankind does the same destructive things? Over and over again?

Answer: It’s meme law!

Now for the first time ever, understand how the world really works. You’ll be able to predict the next chapter. The book of meme law exposes:

  • Every major event in human history is controlled by “unseen” people at the center of the human social meme. They know meme law.
  • The book of meme law reveals these hidden people and the secret rules they follow. These same rules control your private life from behind a smoke screen often taking our homes and ruining our world!

If you’ve ever experienced your life and the world out of control, understand why, and take control!

File Size: 177.44 MB


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