Rika Mechanized By M. D. Cooper

  • Narrated by: Alison Stinnett
  • Series: Rika’s Marauders Series, Book 0
  • Length: 1 hr and 54 mins
  • Release date: 05-07-18

Rika Mechanized AudioBook Summary

A Novella of the Orion War (Aeon 14) 

Rika is a scout mech. Once human, now she is the property of the Genevian military.  

Rika’s crime was small, stealing food. But when faced with a five-year prison term, or conscription in the Genevian military, she chose war.  

She had no idea what that conscription would entail. 

Now little of Rika’s human body remains, and she serves as an SMI-2 scout mech, the meat inside a cyborg body. She, and others like her, are sent in ahead of the human soldiers to tip the scales of war.  

But the enemy has upped the ante and the mechs of Rika’s fireteam will have to go up against unimaginable odds if they want to serve their time and become human again.  

An Aeon 14 series

The events of the Rika’s Marauders series occur during the New Canaan timespan in The Orion War series. This series may be read at any time after reading Destiny LostNew Canaan, or Orion Rising.  

About M. D. Cooper & Aeon 14

M. D. Cooper is a New York Times best-selling author who has envisioned a rich future for humanity, one where planet-sized megastructures house trillions of humans, and civilization has risen only to fall and rise again.  

Fans of Starship TroopersHonor HarringtonThe Expanse, or Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War will feel right at home in this, the first book of the Rika’s Marauders, which takes a deeper dive into the world of Aeon 14.

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