Energy Medicine By Jill Blakeway

  • Narrated by: Jill Blakeway
  • Length: 7 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 04-02-19

Energy Medicine AudioBook Summary

The first comprehensive look at the groundbreaking field of energy medicine and how it can be used to diagnose and treat illness, from one of the world’s foremost practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine.

Today, more of us than ever are discovering the curative powers of energy medicine. Scientific studies continue to confirm its validity, and medical doctors are regularly prescribing treatments such as acupuncture to their patients. But even for those of us who have benefited from such treatments, the question remains: What exactly is energy medicine, and how does it work?

Acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) scholar Jill Blakeway has been treating patients for more than 25 years. For Jill, the term energy medicinerefers to the wide range of healing modalities used to diagnose and treat illness by manipulating the energy – the vital life force referred to as qi in TCM – that pulses through the cells of our bodies. But even this seasoned practitioner admits she doesn’t truly understand how some of her patients are healed under her care and retains a healthy skepticism about her own abilities as well as those of her peers. 

In Energy Medicine, Jill invites us on her global journey to better understand, apply, and explain this powerful healing force. Moving from her own clinic to the halls of academia, she talks to top healers, researchers, and practitioners – from the Stanford and Princeton professors researching the physics behind energy medicine and healing; to a Chinese Qigong master who manifests healing herbs directly from her palm; to a team of skeptical scientists who use “hands-on” healing to repeatedly cure mammary cancer in mice. She also tells the story of how she discovered energy medicine and became one of the most sought-after healers in the world.

Lively, entertaining, and informative, told in Jill’s funny, relatable, and wholly grounded voice, Energy Medicine bridges the gap between science and spirituality and offers a persuasive, evidence-based case that advances this ancient healing practice.

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