Beyond The Bricks By Rob Dix

  • Narrated by: Rob Dix
  • Length: 4 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 04-30-15

Beyond The Bricks AudioBook Summary

What does it take to be a successful property investor? How can you start with nothing but a very ordinary level of savings and amass a portfolio that means you’ll never need to work for anyone else again?

Beyond the Bricks is a window into the lives of nine UK-based investors who’ve done exactly that. Through long-form interviews with them, we learn exactly how they did it, what their lives are like now, and what they recommend to anyone just starting out.

Of course, “success” is a relative term. During the book you’ll meet people ranging from Mark, who amassed a portfolio worth millions, to Serena, whose few houses saved her family from financial ruin. And along the way you’ll meet Kim, who was unstoppable prior to the credit crunch, nearly lost everything, and found an innovative way to stay afloat.

The day-to-day life of a property investor isn’t necessarily what you’d expect either. Fast cars and exotic holidays are represented…but so, too, are sprinting in pursuit of rent checks, puttering around in a dressing gown all day, and helping a tenant with cancer by driving her to hospital appointments.

This book is less of a “how to” than a “how you could”. It won’t give you one formula for success but many practical ideas and inspiring examples that you can use to craft your own property-investing story.

File Size: 113.98 MB


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