Behaving Badly By Eden Collinsworth

  • Narrated by: Joy Nash
  • Length: 7 hrs and 51 mins
  • Release date: 04-04-17

Behaving Badly AudioBook Summary

What is the relevance of morality today? Eden Collinsworth enlists the famous, the infamous, and the heretofore unheard of to unravel how we make moral choices in an increasingly complex – and ethically flexible – age.

To call these unsettling times is an understatement: our political leaders are less and less respectable; in the realm of business, cheating, lying, and stealing are hazily defined; and in daily life, rapidly changing technology offers permission to act in ways inconceivable without it. Yet somehow this hasn’t quite led to a complete free-for-all – people still draw lines around what is acceptable and what is not. Collinsworth sets out to understand how and why.

In her intrepid quest,she squares off with a prime minister, the editor of London’s Financial Times, a Holocaust survivor, a pop star, and a former commander of the US Air Force to grapple with the impracticality of applying morals to foreign policy; precisely when morality gets lost in the making of money; what happens to morality without free will; whether “immoral” women are just those having a better time; why celebrities have become the new moral standard bearers; and if testosterone is morality’s enemy or its hero.

File Size: 209.67 MB


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