Bad Boy Blues By Saffron A. Kent

  • Narrated by: Sarah Puckett, Brandon Utah
  • Length: 11 hrs and 31 mins
  • Release date: 08-27-19

Bad Boy Blues AudioBook Summary

Cleopatra Paige hates one thing in this world – just one – and his name is Zachariah Prince.   

In grade school, he pulled at her pigtails. In middle school, he spread false rumors about her. And in high school, he ruined her prom.   

She hates that his smirks are unfairly sexy. And she definitely loathes that his dark eyes seem to follow her everywhere. Sometimes, even in her dreams.    

It doesn’t matter that he’s rich and popular, or that he lives in a freaking mansion full of butlers and maids. He’s rude and arrogant, and she wants to stay as far away from him as possible.

File Size: 316.79 MB


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